once we venture out he choose being surrounded by men and also just take their figures within my existence.

Hi my boyfriend is quite partial to guys. Once we head out he choose being surrounded by guys and also just take their figures in my own existence.. He gets uncomfortable around homosexual dudes. 1 day we saw him flirting by having a homosexual waiter and once I asked him, he simply ignored me. Am stressed, i like this guy but could he be homosexual or Bi? My boyfriend simply did 8 years in prison in which he been away for like 7 months now . I happened to be laying on his upper body and then he just arrived on the scene and said babe I need to let you know something you wont get angry and I also said what exactly is it ,he gonna say he bisexual .wants I obtained angry he stated he had been playing . I truly dont noe just what to belive. So my pal features a bf and I also think he could be homosexual after scanning this article, but i usually sorts of thought it.

My boyfriend hardly touches me personally once we find out. All he does is notably fondle my breast..but that’s it. We’ve only been dating a few months and bear in mind.