Go Away
Your daddy don’t mind at all if I come around
As long as I don’t stay all night
Your mother Mary’s giving me the eye ball
She doesn’t know if you’d be alright
Said they were taking a trip, going south for a bit
Gonna see whatever sights they can see
So good-bye now, have a real good holiday
Kiss them once and pocket the keys
Said go on, go on, Go Away
Have a good time but won’t you Go Away
When it’s late at night you signal with the porch light
That’s a green light to me
Then we head up to your lovely little bedroom
Anticipating what there will be
There’s parasols and your baby dolls
Undo me honey babe I can’t wait
But there’s a car coming this way it’s pulling in the driveway
Your folks are home hope I can escape
Screaming get off, get out, Go Away
Call me tomorrow but won’t you Go Away

© Warner-Tamerlane Music Inc