Looking back, it seems like a dream
Maybe too good to be true
Was as if we floated downstream
In a world made for two
And on the rainy nights we’d hide in our room
And shut out the lights
And when the weather was clear
We knew of a place that no-one came near
If The Stars Come Out Tonight
I’ll meet you at our secret place, baby
We can watch the world go by
If The Stars Come Out Tonight
Summertime was the best
Those sun and thunder days
We found us, forgot about the rest
Found new ways to amaze
And we discovered what we meant to each other
Didn’t have a dime but we had plenty of time
Did I ever tell you
When I needed a friend,
You were there till the end
Was I there for you
When you were fading away, taken away?
And now with every day,
You’re getting further away


© Dizzy Records INC.