Hey look at you all bright and shiny

got your whole life in front of you

and you think you’ve got all the answers

you know exactly what you’re gonna do


People ask me can I still do it

can you still do rock and roll

and that’s when I say 

we got a gig tonight come and see us

we’ll blow you away


Many people have approached us 

many of them dropped the ball dropped the ball

turn the page, start a new chapter

we’re still reachin’ for the gold

nothing fake or manufactured

The Longest Story Ever Told

longest story ever told


Hey, it’s been a few years since I’ve seen ya

you’re not as shiny

heard the word about your career

and you’ve used up all your contacts

no more free Heineken beer


Then there’s me the old rock soldier

I’ve worn out many things on the road

name a bar or a town I’ve probably played it

could be your Daddy for all I know


Hey you know we’ve been cheated

others tried we took ’em down took ’em down 

turn the page and crack a bottle 

and drink a toast to friends passed on

nothing fake or manufactured

the longest story goes on and on


Years go by no satisfaction

seems the dream is gonna die

then we write a new song 

and we play it, it powers through

keeps the story alive and new


Hey you know we haven’t changed much

much will before this ends my friends 

all we need is a happy ending 

lord knows we do our share do it

nothing fake or manufactured 

the longest story goes on and on out there

on and on out there

well it goes on and on out there out there