When you take a look at me
Can you ever know it all
You say I’m looking good and mean it
Can you ever know the truth
I been broke in California
Out of my mind in the Texas sun
Frozen out in Canada
And the work is never done
How can I say things you never heard before
Lend me an evening, we’ll spend a thousand more
Wake me tomorrow but let’s not sleep tonight
And we’ll ignore the morning
And we won’t give a thought to what we haven’t got
‘Cause Tonight I Got You to come in from the cold
Tonight I Got You to have and to hold
Table in the shade on main street
We can watch the day’s parade
Senorita have another
Forget about mistakes we made
I’ve beem waiting for another day
To see her with these eyes
A man who’s never happy is a man who never tries
And a man who’s never angry is wearing a disguise