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We are still at it and “it” has always been music. Since the earliest days, The Kings have wanted to be an original recording act. That has always been the goal and after writing more than one hundred songs, it is still the goal. The Kings are aware of the ups and downs in the music business (having experienced both) and have learned that the thing that no-one can take away from you is the love of music and the ability to make it. If people find this site through their interest in This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide we hope they will find that there is a lot more to the band than those two songs.

Fans who know the first album ‘The Kings Are Here’ will be happy to learn that they can find it here, it’s on CD (Are Here and More) with 5 bonus tracks. Also available are ‘Unstoppable’ (the fourth studio set), ‘Party Live in ’85′ (which has all of ‘The Kings Are Here’ in concert with some fun surprises), and ‘Because of You’. Go to our discography section to find out more about these titles and also Amazon Beach, RSVP, the amazing collection of early material in ‘Anthology One’, and our newest album ‘Longest Story Ever Told’.

The Kings were put together when Mister Zero met Sonny Keyes in Vancouver. Sonny is a fabulous musician and songwriter and he and Zero wrote some songs. After a while, they decided that they needed a band. Zero knew of some guys from high school back in Ontario and that’s when Max Styles and David Diamond came on board. It became obvious after awhile that the backbone of any band is its lead singer and Diamond had what was needed. Combine that with the songwriting that Keyes and Zero were working on and the guys knew they had the beginning of something. The fact that Diamond was a genius songwriter on his own was unknown at the very start, but his huge talent soon became a major part of what this band would become. His incredible voice gave WhistleKing (soon to be The Kings) a sound of their own. Any band that wants to get successful needs a voice that as soon as you hear it on the radio, you know who it is. From the moment the first demos were heard with Diamond singing, the band knew they could get somewhere if they could come up with the tunes. That is when the work began and it took years of writing and rehearsing and gigs to get to the point that, when opportunity came knocking, The Kings were ready for it. To read about The Kings’ story in greater detail, please go to ‘Discography’ and click on any album cover for information on that period, or check out ‘The Kings: Anatomy Of A One-Hit Wonder (Full Documentary)’.


My HabitThe Kings
Always Off The Deep EndThe Kings
Parting Of The WaysThe Kings


Mr. Zero, Sonny Keyes, Max Styles, David Diamond

The Kings, originally formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Oakville, Ontario, are a Canadian rock band. The original lineup was David Diamond (lead vocals, bass, songwriter), Sonny Keyes (vocals, keyboards, songwriter), Max Styles (currently Todd Reynolds) (drums), and Mister Zero (guitar, songwriter).

Before their breakthrough, they spent over three years as WhistleKing, refining their skills through rehearsals, club gigs, and songwriting, always with recording as the goal. Their journey led them to Nimbus 9 Studio in Toronto, where renowned producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, KISS) joined the story.

Ezrin’s involvement led to a worldwide major label deal with Elektra Records in Los Angeles. Their debut project, “The Kings Are Here,” featured the smash hit ‘This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide,’ which received extensive major market airplay all over the USA and Canada, spending 23 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100, earning them a Canadian Juno Award nomination, Platinum album and Gold single status and induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

The Kings continued their musical journey with the albums  “Amazon Beach,” “RSVP,” “Unstoppable,” “Party Live in ’85”, “The Lost Tapes of a Seventies Bar Band” and “Because of You,” all of which showcase their energy and songwriting prowess. They also released a captivating documentary titled “Anatomy of a One-Hit Wonder”, as well as the incredible concert film “Live at Heatwave”.

Now, in 2024, The Kings have released the full length album “The Longest Story Ever Told,” reaffirming their status as a rock band with songwriting depth. With a history of hits, over 2000 North American shows and a devoted fan base, The Kings remain a hungry band with something to prove. 

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